Five Essential Tools to Get Your Content in Front of the Right Audience

Getting the right message across to the right people at the right time takes a certain amount of skill. And mastering that skill is particularly important if your firm has embraced content marketing. You can spend all the time and energy in the world producing amazing content, but if you never get that content in front of the right audience, it’s all gone to waste. So, how exactly do you get your content out there? The Buffer blog recently did a roundup of the best content distribution tools, and we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites. Below, find five easy-to-use tools to help you get the most out of your content.


Storify allows users to gather social media posts, blog entries, videos, articles and more onto one web page to create a cohesive story. This tool is particularly useful to recap events and conferences, or to gather a range of viewpoints on one topic. Use Storify to mix and match your content with other posts from around the web to extend its shelf life—then, you can easily save and share the link with your audience.

Sponsored social media posts

Boosted Facebook posts, promoted tweets and other sponsored social media posts are a simple, effective and generally inexpensive way to get more eyes on your content. The biggest benefit of advertising on social media is that you can make your audience very targeted and specific. You can take different demographics, interests, life stages and even political views into account when targeting your posts.


Maintaining a blog is hard work—don’t let that hard work go to waste by failing to promote it. WiseStamp is a customizable email signature that can include your contact information, links to your social media accounts and, critically, the link to your most recent blog post (or the content of your choice). With a link to your latest post in every email you send, your colleagues and clients can’t miss it.


Newsletters are a great marketing tool, but developing content for a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a huge time commitment. Goodbits helps solve that problem. The service allows you to send out a newsletter with a roundup of links from around the web; including your own, of course. You can make a great newsletter in half the time by reusing your own, already published content and supplementing it with other content from around the web.

OnePress Social Locker

One surefire way to get people to share your content? Don’t let them view it until they share it. OnePress Social Locker is a WordPress plugin that locks your content behind a popup, which requires the reader to share it on Facebook, Twitter or another platform before they can view the whole article or post, which is most certainly effective.

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