Connecting with Key Clients: How to Go That Extra Mile

All clients are important, but some clients can be termed “key,” whether due to the amount of business they bring in or have access to, or simply because of the length of the professional relationship. These are clients who warrant more focus from their professional services provider. But what form should that attention take?

Recently, marketing professionals from around the country weighed in on this subject. The essential objective: facilitate communication and build relationships. Here is a round-up of their advice:

    • Conduct regular interviews with key clients to seek feedback. Examine those areas in which there is room for improvement. Understand the specifics of how the client is measuring your performance so that you know where to focus your attention.
    • Invite key clients to contribute to articles, newsletters or publications, or to speak on panels. Such invitations demonstrate that the client is viewed as an authority figure with a valuable perspective.
    • If geographical circumstances allow, host a “Meet and Greet” so your team can mingle with the client’s team in a casual, low-pressure setting.
    • Introduce key clients to other clients of yours if the connection might prove mutually beneficial. This is a way to offer added value to all parties.
    • Provide key clients with exclusive content that might interest or otherwise benefit them. This is where it pays to stay abreast of the latest developments in your clients’ field or practice area. You might also consider providing complimentary access to a research library or other collection of resources.
    • Make sure all members of your team are kept updated and informed of pertinent details relating to the client.
    • Look for opportunities for your clients; anticipate their needs and alert them whenever you uncover something intriguing or promising through your regular research.

Explicitly asking clients for feedback alone may be enough to differentiate you from your peers, as too many professionals avoid initiating such discussions with even their most valuable and longest-standing clients.

These suggestions can revitalize the way your firm approaches and communicates with its key clients, solidifying the relationships for many years to come.

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