Conference Exhibiting: It’s The Little Things

By Megan Braverman, Account Manager

After exhibiting at a recent conference, it reminded me of two things that shouldn’t be forgotten when representing your company at an event – 1) Be prepared for the worst; and 2) the little details count.

I thought I would share some basic lessons learned that are often overlooked:

  • When exhibiting, always ask the size of the table. To my dismay, when I arrived to set up, not only was the table much smaller than the standard I expected, but there was no way our table top display would fit on top of it. Fortunately, we brought extra materials such as article reprints, candy, giveaways, signage, etc. – enough to fill the table and look presentable.

  • When giving away collateral items, remember who your audience is. We took into consideration what “type” of person would be attending the conference. At this particular conference, it was understood that the majority of attendees would be male, so we knew our purple staplers wouldn’t be a huge hit. Instead, we brought toolkits and levels, something that we thought would be more appealing to men. And we were certainly right. Our giveaways were attractive to the audience and resulted in bringing more traffic to the table than expected.

  • Small details DO count. Although our exhibit display didn’t fit on the table provided, our booth stood out from the rest because of our table cloth. The hotel provided white table clothes for everyone; however, as the only booth with a black table cloth, we were bold and recognizable.

  • Never run out of business cards. Although we didn’t make this mistake ourselves, we had several attendees approach the booth, many of whom ran out of their business cards. Your business card holder can only hold so many, so it’s important to keep an extra stash.

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