What’s in a Name? Changing Your Law Firm’s Name – Should You Do It and Marketing Considerations

Ever wonder why nearly every law firm name is a series of last names grouped together with no creativity in sight? The reason is because in many states, this is a requirement by the State Bar, not just tradition. Recently, some states have loosened their requirements, and law firms are responding by transitioning from the (arguably boring) names of previous generations to fresh, creative names that more closely reflect their culture and trajectory. This begs the question: should your law firm change its name? It’s undeniably a big undertaking, but it can come with a range of benefits.

The Trend

If you make the choice to refresh your firm’s moniker, you won’t be the only one. Several firms have taken on the change. One firm, previously known as Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, took the shortened title of Mintz.

As more time passes with these relaxed rules in place, more firms are likely to join suit, and new firms will especially hop on the non-traditional name trend as well.

Should You Rename Your Law Firm?

This leads us to the million-dollar question: should you do the same?

There are a lot of tantalizing factors that might sway you toward renaming your firm. One that might be immediately obvious is that a new name can give you an opportunity to better reflect your firm’s brand and vision. With a wide range of choices, there’s bound to be a name that more closely highlights your firm’s past, present and future, without being tied to individuals’ names. Logistically, if the folks your firm was named after are no longer as relevant to the firm as they once were, a new name can reflect that.

Another plus of shifting away from last-name-heavy firm names is the chance to better reflect your lawyers’ and staff’s diversity of backgrounds. Classic law firm names are heavy on the white male last names and embody the lack of equity and representation historically true of law firm leadership. Changing a firm’s title can reflect efforts of inclusivity your law firm makes.

Obviously, changing the name of your firm is a big decision: you don’t want to throw away years of name recognition you’ve built. Making a detailed plan of all the steps required to accomplish this name change will ensure a smooth transition. Think about the possible impact on current clients, potential clients, your online presence and any existing material that refers to your firm. As with anything, you need a plan before rolling out the change.

Choosing a Name

Choosing a law firm name involves plenty of considerations. Without as many limitations, potential places of inspiration could come from almost anywhere. Try to consider the future of your firm, as well as the role a name plays in your firm’s brand and strategy. When you begin brainstorming law firm names, make sure to get third-party opinions, check the domain availability of your chosen name and consider trademarking your law firm’s name.

Marketing Considerations When Renaming

As the face of your brand, your name influences how the world sees your firm. While you are in the process of changing your firm’s name, it might also be a good time for a wider rebrand. Do your website, social media profiles and marketing material also need a refresh? Take the opportunity to do it all at once.

Once your material is ready for the public’s viewing, announcing your name change through PR avenues like a press release, announcement or other tool can get ahead of any confusion, while also drumming up attention and visibility for your firm and its other efforts and successes.

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