Public Relations Campaigns

Four Essential Steps to Creating a Commercial Real Estate PR Strategy
April 3, 2017
When done well, public relations has an exponentially positive impact on commercial real estate firms. PR is extremely cost effective, and it’s ofte...
Not Sure What Your PR Team Does? Here Are Five Things to Know
March 1, 2017
According to the Public Relations Society of America, the official definition of public relations is, “a strategic communications process that bui...
Marketing to Our Lizard Brains: The Psychology of Public Relations
May 24, 2016
In this age of information, we’re bombarded by anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages in a day, and it can be hard for marketing and publi...
Technology Editors Reveal Best PR Practices to Implement
February 26, 2016
The PRSA “A Tech PR Trifecta” webinar moderated by Affect President Sandra Fathi was held on January 28, 2016. The webinar was specifically tailor...
The Balancing Act: The Unique Relationship Between PR Professionals and the Media
October 20, 2015
Public relations professionals and media representatives share common goals, which include creating compelling and informative narratives. Although we...
Cameras in the Courtroom: The Big Debate Addressed by David Lat
June 15, 2015
I attended “An Evening with David Lat”, an event that addressed Mr. Lat’s newly released novel, Supreme Ambitions, a fictional tale based on the...
The Shotgun Wedding of PR and SEO: Can This Marriage Be Saved?
June 4, 2015
Scott L. Baradell, President of Idea Grove, gave a very timely presentation at the PRSA Counselors Academy on the forced marriage of public relations ...
11 Client Mistakes that Agencies Make
May 13, 2015
At the PRSA Academy Counselors conference, Ann Gynn, CEO of Gay Games 9 and content marketing coach, gave a presentation titled “11 Client Mistakes ...
Virtual Reality Has Marketers Planning In Real Time
May 4, 2015
By now, everyone in the professional services industry understands the crucial need for social networking in the marketing mix. Businesses have embrac...
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