Capturing Value on Invoices

Invoicing for services delivered can be an arduous task for any professional services firm regardless of its size. While the invoicing process is often tedious, there is a tremendous opportunity to use invoices as a marketing tool to demonstrate the value you bring to your clients.

This is especially true in the legal services industry, where law firms and lawyers detail how every hour worked was spent. Instead of listing “internal meeting” on your invoice, think about how you can describe it in a different way in terms of what the value is for the client. For example, instead, consider “Participated in internal meeting to strategize on XYZ intellectual property matters.” This not only demonstrates what your role was, but also helps distinguish between what could possibly be several general meetings on the invoice.

There are a million ways for a lawyer to add value to any client relationship, but when a client receives a bill for several thousand dollars, they will appreciate the extra time and attentiveness to the invoice.

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