The Buzz: Video Marketing for Law Firms, Professional Services

Videos are all the rage when it comes to marketing for professional services. Videos greatly aid a company’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and can give potential clients or referral sources a glimpse into a company’s culture. Gone are the days when law firms or commercial real estate firms had to rely solely on paragraphs of text to demonstrate what it would be like to work with them. More and more frequently, professional services firms have turned to videos to capture their online audience and convert them into clients.

For example, a law firm’s video might showcase one of the lawyers discussing a particular service or success while at the same time emphasizing the personalities of their team members. Videos help to make a company and its staff more relatable for viewers.

Another option to consider for video is to have clients provide a testimonial of the services you delivered them.

As videos continue to gain popularity, we have received numerous questions regarding videos and best practices from clients and colleagues. Some of the particularly insightful questions we want to share, along with answers, include:

  • How long should a video be? Keep your video length to 45 seconds or less — the shorter, the better when it comes to capturing and keeping a viewer’s attention. Although you might have half a minute to work with, get your message across in the first five seconds.
  • When should a professional service firm pursue video? Videos are only part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. They are great for driving traffic to a website; however, professionally edited videos can be expensive. It’s best to start small with a few videos and build upon that.
  • Should businesses hire a professional video company? Absolutely. A professional videographer will guide firms through the entire process and ensure a great video. Many videographers will interview you and draft the script to incorporate personal elements that would make sense to share professionally. A professionally-produced video also helps an audience connect more viscerally to a company. Try to avoid an amateur-looking video, as this can do more harm than good. Potential clients want to see that a professional service takes its business seriously. It lets them know a company will put the same amount of effort into working for a new client.
  • What if a client’s case is confidential? Generally speaking, the specifics of a particular case should not be discussed in a video testimonial; rather, a client should share their experience working with your firm. Stick to questions that are more general, such as “What would you say if you were to recommend the firm?” This open-ended question will provide a thoughtful response while keeping a safe distance from specific cases and services.

Video marketing for law firms and other professional services is something that Berbay does to enhance your marketing efforts. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with your professional services firm about how best to incorporate videos into an existing marketing strategy.

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