Burst Your Bubble

Have you heard the term “news bubble?” It’s the concept that insular groups of people receive news from their bubble of pre-selected people with whom they share personal views and values.

How about the term “incestuous amplification?” This is when people in these insular groups repeat ideas and opinions to each other, they all agree with these ideas (or they’re not accepted by the group), and they ignore differing perspectives from “outsiders.”

Almost sounds like being in high school again, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this bubble effect and incestuous amplification are real and are currently being played out in politics and the media. We bring this up because if you are a professional service firm, a similar bubble effect could be in play that’s affecting your business. Here’s how:

Though perhaps unintentional, professionals become so vested in what they believe to be true about themselves, their practices and their brands, they create self-generated bubbles and incestuous amplification. They disseminate sales messages and marketing content based on what they believe their audience (end users) should hear, not necessarily on what the end users want or need. Professionals need to pay attention to these external voices as end user perceptions are what impact profits, competitive positioning and, ultimately, the firm’s overall success. So as you’re developing your marketing messaging, remember that perceptions are in the minds of your audience; so write to your audience’s needs, not your own.

In this instance, bursting your own bubble is a good thing!

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