The Biggest Marketing Mistake

Recently, a prospective client asked me a very valuable question: What is the biggest mistake that small firms typically make when it comes to marketing? The answer that came to me immediately is simple: Many small firms fail to fully realize the potential that online marketing – your website and social media vehicles – has to level the playing field between their firm and the “big boys” in their field. Even some “small” large firms don’t take advantage of the ability the online world allows to go toe-to-toe with the bigger boys.

Regardless of the size of your firm – be it two professionals or 20 professionals – your online presence can be enormous and dynamic. Many smaller firms boast larger-than-life expertise and successes that rival those of larger firms, and yet their website and social media profiles reflect a smallness.

Remember, your online presence should reflect the caliber of your work, not the size of your firm!

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