Berbay’s Fun, Engaging Company Culture Enriches Employee Well-Being While Embracing the Needs of Millennials

More than salary, research shows that the top workplace draw for Millennials (defined as those born between 1982 and 2004) is company culture. And with Millennials overtaking Baby Boomers in generational size, Berbay is on the pulse of today’s evolving workforce, providing resources, tools and programs that enhance employees’ well-being, which ultimately benefits productivity and client service.

What Company Values and Benefits Rank as Most Important to Millennials?

Based on a 2015 survey conducted by Virgin Pulse (part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group) of more than 1,000 U.S.-based, full-time Millennial employees, the factors that mean most to this tech-savvy, socially connected and work-inspired generation are the following:

• Paid Time Off (PTO): 95%
• Using their skills for good: 90%
• Health benefits: 86%
• Flexible hours: 80%
• Company culture being just as or more important than salary: 77%
• A company mission that they can stand behind: 73%
• An organizational culture that takes care of employees: 61%
• Ability to learn skills directly related or related but tangential to their job function: 42%
• Career advancement/management training: 26%

Berbay Is Actively Committed to Employee Well-Being, Training and Team Support

Berbay feels that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for happiness, fulfillment and success both in and outside the office. Through our benefits and initiatives, detailed below, our ongoing commitment to employee well-being and development is clear.

• Year-Round Half-Day Fridays: We feel that maintaining a healthy life-work balance is essential for preventing burnout, sustaining well-being and consistently delivering success to our clients. We encourage our employees to “disconnect” from work by offering half day Fridays all year around–not just during the summer! We feel this gives our team a real sense that their life outside of work is important, valued and to be enjoyed. And this policy isn’t tied to one season, because we get just as fried during the spring, winter and fall months.

• Company Outings and Retreats: We plan yearly outings and retreats for our employees. Some of the places we’ve visited as a team include Disneyland, Bingo nights and Universal Studios.

• Ongoing Employee Development: Statistics show that employees who feel their goals are not attainable are 30 times more likely to leave their company . These numbers underscore the vital role that skill-building plays in employee satisfaction, growth and retention. Recognizing this, we regularly invest in our employees and their talents by supporting their ongoing professional development through trainings and seminars. Whether business writing classes or a seminar on interviewing skills, we provide valuable training so employees can improve and broaden their skill set to take on more complex or challenging projects.

• Nurturing Environment: Okay, let’s talk food…there are snacks here all the time! Our employees never go hungry. And during especially stressful times or tight deadlines, we’ll buy the whole office lunch to keep our mood and energy up.

• Pet-Friendly Office: The office is also pet-friendly, and we currently have three “office dogs.” This makes for a really entertaining environment.

• Having Fun: Laughter is great for stress release, and we do little things to ensure our employees are having fun. We’ve been known to pour champagne for big submissions or accomplishments, and have seen how it motivates people and gets their spirits up.

• Supportive Team Attitude: Honestly, we just really enjoy working together! We work as a team, have each other’s backs and always support one another personally and professionally.

Simply put…regardless of what generation you are, Berbay is an awesome place to work and grow!

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