Why All Attorneys Should Consider Avvo

If you are a licensed attorney in the United States, you are the proud owner of an Avvo profile, whether or not you sought it out. If you are not familiar with it, Avvo helps consumers find attorneys in a range of legal practice areas, including family law, divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy, etc. Having a robust profile on Avvo can be an effective, free marketing tool to reach consumers, but what if you are targeting Corporate Counsel at Fortune 500 Companies? You may still want to consider making use of Avvo.

Avvo is highly favored by Google, which means if someone is searching for you, be it corporate counsel or an injured plaintiff, they will likely find your profile within the first handful of search results. Since it is a free marketing tool, why not make sure it’s updated and reflects what information you’d want to portray?

That being said, if you are an active marketer and, for example, you blog several times a week, the published content on multiple reputable sites pushes your Avvo profile down. Therefore, your Avvo profile may not appear on page one of search results. Either way, it’s important to update and maintain a current profile.

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