Anticipating Your Client’s Needs

No chopsticks, no silverware and not a care in the world. That was me at a Vietnamese restaurant that I had been eager to try for months. The food was outstanding, but called for some down and dirty hands-on eating techniques, which is not my typical style. As soon as our food was placed in front of us, the server quietly set down extra napkins. While a very small gesture, it got me thinking about anticipating a client’s needs. I didn’t have to ask the server for the napkins, but she knew what was coming next and I appreciated that she was thinking ahead so I didn’t have to stop my meal and flag someone down.

Keeping clients happy can hopefully ensure repeat business, and anticipating their needs can go a long way in terms of showing that you’re always thinking full circle. Leaving clients with several unanswered questions or not closing the loop leaves them in the dark. Before you send an email to your client, think about all the possible questions/concerns they may have as a result and do your best to address those up front. Your clients will appreciate that you are saving them time and have their best interest in mind.

How do you go the extra mile to anticipate your client’s needs?

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