An Impressive Memory

I went to a networking event a few weeks ago and ran into a longtime client of ours. He mentioned he had been with his firm for 15 years, a milestone pointed out to him by the recruiter who had brought him to the firm 15 years ago.

It is unusual for a recruiter to remain at the same firm for such tenure, just as uncommon as the professional who has remained at his firm for so many years ago. What is even more impressive is that the recruiter made it a point to email him occasionally, keeping the relationship with him alive. From a recruiter’s perspective, it’s smart to keep in touch with such professionals, as there may be an opportunity in the future to recruit for that firm.

This is an excellent example of staying in front of the people you have worked with; and as marketers, we are always looking for interesting ways of reaching out to the relationships we’ve created over the years.

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