“AMP” It Up!

“Successful big law websites are publishing platforms. They’re no longer mundane, corporate websites; they’re used to showcase firm thought leadership and demonstrate expertise. With high-quality content, the right promotion, and sound SEO practices, firm websites can convert a referral into a highly interested prospect online.”  So states Jaron Rubenstein, Founder and President, Rubenstein Technology Group, in his recent article, “Perspective: Mobile Platforms Critical to Law Firm’s Web Success.”

Jaron went on to say, “As legal professionals showcase their thought leadership through their websites and potential clients increasingly use mobile devices for online searches, large firms must understand and adopt Google’s latest innovation in mobile search: the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, known as AMP.”

The article points out that currently, one in four encounters with digital media occur on mobile devices; this trend is continuing to rise.  AMP aims to speed up the mobile web.  Jaron states that, “Law firms that adapt can continue to enjoy strong search visibility.  Those that don’t will ultimately see a decline in website traffic and engagement.”

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