Adam Corolla’s Take on Lawyers

As I was driving into work I was listening to 106.7 KROQ, who had guest comedian Adam Corolla for a few minutes on their morning show. They were discussing things that irritated them the most, and to my disbelief, they brought up something irritating about lawyers.

Adam said that there is nothing worse than seeing a picture of a lawyer standing in front of a bookcase. Adam was asking why lawyers are still taking pictures in front of their library, commenting, “Shouldn’t they be taking pictures in front of an iPad or something?” We’ve all seen the generic “lawyer-ly” pictures like scales of justice, a court room, people shaking hands, etc.
Later, Adam starting discussed commercials where you see a lawyer sitting behind his desk flipping through a book right before he introduces himself, “Hi, I am Joe Smith with Law Offices of Joe Smith…” Adam commented, asking why a lawyer needs to reference a book before his commercial, “Did he forget what the law said and needed to refresh his memory?” He thought it looked like the lawyer didn’t know what he was doing and why would Adam hire him if he needed to reference his Law 101 book. He compared it to a contractor reading a book titled, “How to build stuff.”
Obviously, because of his profession, Adam is trying to be funny. But he does have a point.

– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman

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