Account Manager Karla Fletcher Celebrates Six Months at Berbay

Karlas Six Months

Pulled, stretched, tugged, challenged. All these words, and more, come to mind when I think about my time at Berbay. Never have I been pulled, stretched and challenged to the point where I thought I would break, only to find a group of people ready to catch me if I fell.

As someone with an advanced degree in PR, I thought it would be a relatively easy transition for me to move from my corporate logistics career into the field I studied so vigorously in college. I had taken all the classes from international communications to crisis communication, and even legal studies in communication. I had worked on political campaigns, completed freelance marketing projects, and had done some entertainment PR for a Midwestern record label. But nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for life at Berbay.

On my first day, I hit the ground running. What’s a tort? Who’s a plaintiff? Should they focus on SEO or PPC? Every day I had question after question. And every day, my teammates and principals gave me answers. Do they like me? Am I learning fast enough? Am I disappointing my team? Every day, I would receive words of encouragement letting me know I was headed in the right direction.

My previous work environment left very little room for free thinking. No one cared if I excelled personally, as long as my numbers looked good for Wall Street. It didn’t matter if I worked 12-hour days and came in on the weekends. There was no such thing as a job well done.

What a vastly different experience this has been. Every week, my managing principal Sharon asks me with the utmost sincerity, “How are you doing?” It’s not just an inquiry into whether or not I was able to complete the latest media pitch or draft a website blurb, but an inquiry into my physical, emotional and educational well-being. Daily, my principal Megan finds small ways to congratulate me and the rest of the team when we shine and excel. Even in those moments when I am being corrected, it is never without ideas and knowledge about what I could have done better. Those small yet indelible marks let me know they value me as a person; they value what I bring to the table, and want to see me prosper and do well. There is a plan and purpose for me, and they are vested in cultivating it.

Every day, I am pulled, stretched, tugged and challenged. And every day, I rise to meet that challenge. I strive to learn more, to be better, to go further and to face every challenge like a conqueror. Because that’s how Berbay sees me.

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