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The Berbay Difference

Why Work with Berbay

Berbay Marketing & PR operates under the principle that your success is our success—and we are driven to succeed. That’s why our service to you is not limited to the work of a single account executive; instead, you’ll have the benefit of our entire team of experts in professional services marketing and public relations. Our goal is simple: to get more business for your firm.

We accomplish this by boosting your Visicredibility® —increasing your firm’s visibility and reinforcing its credibility so that prospective clients not only think of you first but think of you as the obvious choice.

So how does Berbay Marketing & PR accomplish this? With a one-two-three punch of marketing know-how and an intense focus on ensuring that every project we undertake on your behalf hits the mark.


We Are an Elite Strike Force

The Berbay Marketing & PR team is composed of professionals with education and experience in the marketing disciplines that are key to your success, including strategy and planning, writing, editing, design, and media relations. As a strategic marketing firm, we evaluate a wide variety of marketing options and help you choose those that will have the greatest impact for you.

We work collaboratively to reap the benefits of each team member’s particular strengths. We make ourselves available to our colleagues to review articles and designs and to provide feedback on marketing strategies and media plans.


We Dig Deeper

When you hire Berbay Marketing & PR, we don’t expect you to come to us with a marketing plan. That’s our job—and it’s our pleasure as we work closely with you and your staff to go beyond Marketing 101 to create the strategies that will most effectively reach the media, referral sources and opinion leaders who will supercharge your business growth.

We know what questions to ask, and we know what to do with your answers. One of our primary goals is to learn as much as possible about your firm so we can offer suggestions for new marketing channels and opportunities that you may have not even considered.


We Are Unstoppably Tenacious

As marketing and media experts, the Berbay Marketing & PR team knows the full extent of opportunities for media exposure, speaking engagements and other promotional activities, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve.

We don’t take “no” for an answer. If that means multiple telephone calls to follow up on potential media coverage, we do it. If it means thinking outside of the box to create alternative approaches to marketing solutions, we do that, too.

Our tenacious attitude also means that we don’t rest on our achievements. Where other marketing firms see the end of a project, we see the beginning of new opportunities. We’re always thinking about ways to maximize the impact of every piece of information we learn about your firm.

Berbay Marketing & PR