A Newsletter, by Any Other Name, Would Not Be Read

Your company newsletter can offer a way to strengthen your brand while communicating helpful updates and industry tips to clients and customers – or it can become an annoyance to those very people you’re hoping to attract. While content is undeniably important, the first step in creating a newsletter that will get people reading is to give it a great title. To that end, here are some do’s and don’ts to think about when drafting your next newsletter:

  • DO choose a title that is action-oriented. A good rule of thumb is to use a verb (preferably ending in “-ing”) to make your title current and that much more dynamic.
  • DON’T make your company’s name the focal point of the title. It communicates nothing of value to potential readers and may come across as boring or self-serving.
  • DO call out your target audience in the title. For example, if you’re an accountant who works with small business owners, you could title your newsletter: “Small Business Owners’ Guide to Cutting Expenses.”
  • DON’T use a term as boring as “newsletter” to title your newsletter! Try words like “guide,” “commandments” or “secrets” to pique interest.

Remember, the title’s job is to get people reading, so pick one that will make readers want to know more and you’ll reap the rewards.


-By Berbay Marketing Assistant Alex Giraldo


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