8 Keys to Riding the Wave of Change

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Competition with peer firms, alternatives to law firms, emphasis on diversity, and more, are forcing legal marketers to evolve their thinking and the way that their law firms serve clients. The legal industry is constantly evolving – now more than ever – making it critical to peek around the corner at what’s changing and how we can adapt to these changes.  

Below are eight keys to riding the wave of change: 

  1. Be a champion for change 

    • Instead of doing what’s always been done, start emphasizing getting it done the right way using the tools on hand – operations, talent, technology and financials. 
  2. Focus on communication & collaboration 

    • Put less emphasis on the billable hour and consider how to leverage internal resources differently to create more value for clients. 
  3. Launch a cross-practice initiative 

    • Develop an internal information-sharing process to create more business opportunities and set the stage for success. 
  4. Use a business development coach 

    • Use a coach to enhance business development skills – all of your attorneys won’t be natural rainmakers. Measure success by tracking new relationships. 
  5. Have a crisis plan in place 

    • Own the narrative and get ahead of the issues. If a crisis does occur and you don’t have all of the answers, be transparent. 
  6. Leverage litigators’ skills in business development 

    • Help litigators understand that business development involves the same skills as those of a litigator, and work to leverage those skills. 
  7. Move away from operating 24/7 

    • Positively impact your productivity and well-being by taking time to laugh, breathe, or refocusing with regular breaks – both during work and outside of work. 
  8. Use facts when communicating 

    • Establish credibility and avoid anger with colleagues by using facts. This improves productivity and creates better employee relationships and satisfaction.

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8 keys to riding the wave of change marketing
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