7 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Email Marketing

Are you just not seeing the results you want from your email marketing campaign? You’re not alone! Email is a great marketing tool, but there is a learning curve, and with so many variables it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If your results aren’t what you want them to be, don’t do a complete email overhaul just yet. Below are seven small email details that you might be overlooking, based on Feedblitz’s email marketing checklist. Start by adjusting these and go from there.

  1. Revise Your Headline: A click-bait headline might seem like a surefire way to get a higher open rate, but that’s not the case. In fact, it can backfire and send your email right into the recipient’s spam folder. Try removing any extraneous punctuation and spammy phrases like “act now.”
  1. Move Your Call to Action: Is your call to action buried? Readers typically skim an email for only a few seconds, so you need to make it exceedingly simple for them to understand what you want them to do. Try moving your call to action “above the fold” or highlighting links with a button or different formatting.
  1. Change the Sender: Make sure your subscribers are seeing a name they recognize in the “from” line, whether it’s your business name or the name of a public-facing employee. Recipients are less likely to open an email from a sender they don’t know.
  1. Include Useful Links: Make it easy for subscribers to share your email on social media or forward it to a friend. Limit lengthy emails by including a synopsis or first paragraph of any longer written content and linking to the rest. Make sure your links work, too—it’s a no-brainer but it often gets forgotten.
  1. Adjust Your Timing: Are you sending emails when your subscribers are most likely to be online? It’s also important to note what time of day your content is best suited for: a quick update might be best to send first thing in the morning, but a video or blog post might get more clicks during the afternoon when your subscribers are sitting down for a coffee break. This won’t be the same for every organization, so try experimenting with this one.
  1. Learn Why People Are Unsubscribing: Pretty much every email marketing service asks recipients to explain why they’re unsubscribing. You have access to that data, so use it! If subscribers aren’t automatically seeing a survey before they can unsubscribe, make sure to change your settings. Additionally, you can usually edit the survey if there’s specific data you’d like to gather.
  1. Keep It Simple: Your subscribers might not be clicking simply because they don’t know where to click. Cut down blocks of text, limit photos to only a few good ones and remove any unnecessary sections of your email. Don’t try to pack in as much information as you can. Emails that have one clear goal tend to get more clicks.

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