7 Characteristics of High-Quality Content


At Berbay, we talk a lot about the importance of content. And it’s not for nothing: content marketing is a proven tactic that’s still growing in popularity among legal marketers. We always say that content needs to be high quality, but what exactly does that mean? Aside from being well-written, accurate and free of errors, there are some characteristics that will take your content to the top and draw more potential clients to your website and social platforms. Here are seven of them.

  • Relatability: Readers connect more with content that’s written in a colloquial, friendly style. As a lawyer, you have a ton of expertise to share; don’t weigh it down with legalese and information that a layperson won’t understand. Make sure your voice matches who you’re writing for.
  • Timeliness: Ever wonder how some firms can churn out so much content? It’s because they’re piggybacking on the news. Sharing current events and adding your own perspective or prediction is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create content. Content that engages industry trends and the cultural conversation is always more shareable.
  • Visual appeal: People are drawn to beautiful things, especially in the age of social media. Well-designed and striking infographics, charts and images consistently get more views and shares on social platforms. Incorporate appropriate photos into your written content and, if it makes sense for your firm, try your hand at creating image-driven content.
  • Decisiveness: It’s okay to take a stand; in fact, it’s preferable. Unexpected, interesting perspectives that are backed up with facts will always be more intriguing than wishy-washy statements designed to appeal to everyone. Don’t be afraid to voice a different opinion.
  • Reusability: Stretch your content as far as it will go. Turn a blog post into a white paper into a webinar. Create graphics or videos to go with written content. Flip your perspective and rewrite an article from a different angle. A good insight can be repurposed and used across many different media—that’s the sign of an interesting, content-worthy idea.
  • Consistency: To keep your readers interested, it’s vital that you produce content on a regular basis. You could create the most insightful, entertaining blog post in the world, but if you don’t write another one for three months, you can bet that readers will unsubscribe and forget about it. Creating content on a steady schedule creates a cadre of followers.
  • Value: Your readers need to gain something from your content, whether it’s knowledge, inspiration or a laugh. Before creating anything, ask yourself what you want your audience to take away from your content—and before you hit the send button, make sure it achieves that purpose.

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