5 Ways Bylined Articles Contribute to Effective PR for Lawyers

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Bylined articles, wherein an attorney authors an article for a publication, can be incredibly valuable to your law firm’s PR efforts. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for placing bylined articles as a “guest author” in industry magazines and on websites. But why are these articles so valuable and, moreover, why would an attorney want to byline an article they aren’t getting paid for? We’ve outlined five reasons below:

  1. Establishes Credibility

In short, bylined articles as a law firm PR strategy establish the author as a thought-leader in the field. By virtue of the fact that the publication has chosen to print your article, you’re deemed credible to speak on the subject. Credibility building is one of the primary aims of any public relations campaign for a law firm because the more you are viewed as an expert, the more likely prospects are to consider you when they have a legal matter.

  1. Brings Attention to Your Expertise

When you author an article, you have the unique opportunity to provide your viewpoint on a particular topic. Whether this is about a trend in your practice area, new laws or legislation, or an injustice you want to shine a light on, bylined articles can help you educate, and therefore empower others. From a PR standpoint, being seen as a resourceful educator can only enhance your firm’s reputation and helps to reinforce to audiences that you are the go-to firm for legal matters pertaining to those issues or laws.

  1. Increases Exposure

Authoring an article for a national magazine or an industry-specific outlet exposes your firm to an audience of potential prospects and referral sources. As a law firm seeking to develop new business, reaching new audiences can only help.  Too, because you (or your PR firm) is pitching select publications that your target audience reads, you know your article is getting in front of the right people.

  1. Generates Top-of-Mind Awareness

Having an article published is worthwhile for the reasons stated above, but the real power comes in repurposing the article to garner additional top-of-mind awareness among your prospects, clients and referral sources. Posting a reprint of the article on your website, including it in your newsletter, sharing on social media, and similar PR tactics, allow you to extend the shelf-life of the article. These strategies also increase the likelihood your target audience will see your firm’s name multiple times and keeps you at the forefront of their mind.

  1. Helps Build Relationships with the Media

Bylined articles can help forge relationships with reporters and editors. This can be a boon for law firms, as it can lay the groundwork for additional press opportunities in the future. For example, if you’ve established a relationship with an editor through contributing bylined articles, it is quite likely that the next time they need a source for a story, they’ll think of you or your firm. Likewise, reporters who get to know you will likely be more interested in press releases and media pitches you send than they would otherwise.

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