5 Ways Attorneys Can Turn Existing Clients into Referral Sources

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The best compliment that any law firm can receive is a referral from a satisfied client. It’s also the most cost-effective way to procure new business. After all, there’s no advertising or marketing expenditure necessary when a happy client chooses to tell someone else what a great job your law firm has done for them.

When considering the virtually non-existent price tag of securing a referral from a current client, it becomes clear that leveraging the built-in referral sources your law firm already has should be a priority. But how do you turn a client into a referral source?

Here are 5 ways law firms can turn existing clients into bona fide referral sources.

  1. Educate your clients about your firm.

Educating your clients on what you do should remain top-of-mind from the first contact until their matter is complete. Beginning with client intake, make sure that all practice areas are highlighted in the material you provide new clients. Be sure to remind them as their matter winds down of other practice areas you focus on or other services you provide.

  1. Insist upon being easy to work with.

You or someone on your team needs to be accessible. Clients need to feel like they are heard and they can have their questions answered. They also need easy-to-understand directions for payment or for providing requested documents. If you make it easy to work with your firm, your current clients are likely to share this with others.

  1. Exceed expectations.

Call more frequently than you need to, particularly during lulls in any action. Touching base just to let your clients know that they are on your mind can be invaluable. Lawyers often get a bad rap for not answering calls or emails, so stand out from the pack by providing updates before clients call with a question. To that end, take the time to answer any and all questions from your clients. Your alternate title after all, is counselor.

  1. Request feedback.

Throughout the course of their case, ask your clients how they feel about the work you’re providing. If they are unhappy and you don’t know it, you can’t correct it. However, if things are causing your clients stress or angst, and you find solutions to those issues, you’ve likely turned a lukewarm referral partner into a client who is eager to refer you to others.

  1. Mind your manners.

Your firm is in business because your clients put their trust in you. Be sure to thank your clients for trusting you, for allowing you to advocate on their behalf and for the honor of representing them. There is no shortage of law firms that a consumer can choose from, so demonstrating your gratitude can help you stand out from the pack, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

There’s no time like the present to begin curating a potential referral source.

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