Breaking Through The Conference Clutter

We recently worked with a client to garner media attention and increase registration for their annual conference. Because there are numerous conferences occurring every day, it has become increasingly challenging to break through the clutter. If your firm is considering planning a conference, we’ve outlined a few strategies to consider in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Plan Ahead – Prior to the conference, get the word out by sending an eye-catching       e-newsletter to your network of friends, colleagues and peers, so they can save the date. Since people’s calendars fill up quickly, it is essential to get the word out as soon as possible. This also helps to bolster early registration.

Branch Out – In addition to contacting your networks, we recommend expanding your list of targets by reaching out to in-kind sponsors (organizations that are willing to promote the conference to their contacts in return for promoting one of their events to your contacts). This is a great way to inform people who you may not have been previously in contact with, but are in the same or similar industry.

Media Outreach – Engaging the media is a great way to create visibility for your conference. Draft a press release announcing where and when the conference will be held, why they should attend, and what they will learn, etc.  The media may be interested in interviewing you or someone at your firm about the conference, may want to attend the event, and/or publish a post-event summary. We also suggest having professional photos taken at the event to distribute to the media, as well as to post to your website.

Post-Conference Marketing – Just as important as organizing a successful conference, is utilizing the power of                 post-conference marketing so that you receive more marketing mileage long after the event is over. For example, build relationships by sending a thank you letter to attendees and participants with a handwritten signature; you can also include something of value, such as an informational article. Additionally, we recommend posting a summary of the conference to your website.

Although breaking through the clutter can be difficult, following the above steps can help you make your conference stand-out from the crowd.

What type of marketing do you implement to get the word out about an industry conference?


-By Berbay Assistant Account Manager Summer Vernon

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