10 Simple Rules for Your Firm’s Blog

The true marketing potential of blogs is often overlooked in favor of social media sites and search engine rankings. Yet blogs can be an invaluable tool to help you reach new clients and stay in front of current clients. Below are 10 simple rules to help strengthen your blog, drive web traffic and increase your firm’s visibility:

  1. Use strong headlines.  An intriguing headline will draw readers into the story.  If you skip writing a headline, your headline isn’t compelling or it doesn’t indicate what your blog post is about, your content is likely to be ignored.
  2. Include keywords – without sacrificing clarity. Keywords are important because they help potential clients find your blog and, by extension, your firm via search engines such as Google. It’s essential to incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible into your blog post, without losing sight of your original point.
  3. Offer information that is actually of use to readers. All too often, companies fall into the trap of using their blog only to talk about their own services, or to offer a rundown of company news. While such posts have their place, make sure to include content that is practical for your audience and establishes your company or firm as an expert in your field.
  4. Include a relevant image whenever possible. Pictures and illustrations aren’t necessarily required of blog posts – especially short ones – but they do add visual interest that may help catch the eye and direct attention to your written content. (Unless you’re purchasing stock photos, remember to credit images as necessary.)
  5. Include links to related blog posts or relevant sections of your website when applicable. If something you’re writing about relates to another post you’ve written in the past or a particular section of your website (such as a list of the services you offer), link back to it. It will keep visitors on your website longer, and they will come to view your firm as an authoritative source of information.
  6. Make it easy for readers to contact you. Not everyone who reads your blog will find it by clicking on the link on your website; many will come to it by searching for keywords. For this reason, you want to make your company contact information easy to find. Consider encouraging readers to contact you by including your email and phone number at the end of every post.
  7. Keep posts relatively short and easy to read. This is no time for complicated industry jargon or long, involved essays. Remember that blog posts are appetizers, not the main course – give readers just enough to whet their appetite.
  8. Make it topical. Offer your perspective on the latest news stories related to your field, or offer potential solutions to a common problem that many of your clients face.
  9. Make it timeless. On the other hand, don’t get too caught up in the latest trends; you also want to offer content that will endure for many years to come.
  10. Update regularly. You don’t have to post every day, but don’t neglect your blog! A website with a long- neglected blog indicates a firm that doesn’t pay attention to detail. If you have trouble staying on top of your blog, consider designating a person in your firm to help maintain and strengthen your company’s online presence.


-By Berbay Account Manager Erica Hess

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