The SEO Apocalypse Is Coming!

Panda, Penguin…What’s next? You might recall these cleverly named updates from Google over the past few years, but just when you think Google has slowed down, they have reinvented the wheel.

They’ve told us all the importance of professional services firms having a mobile-friendly website, and now they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Google recently announced a significant change to its algorithm expected to roll out on April 21.

It is currently estimated that over 60% of local and national searches are done on a mobile device. Therefore, it seems fitting for Google to restructure their mobile algorithm to ensure a high quality user experience. Google has already begun to introduce new ranking changes, based on information collected from indexed apps. There are various factors that will now influence your rankings, but the bottom line is this: if your website is not mobile friendly by April 21, you can kiss being ranked high in mobile search results good-bye!

If your professional services firm – law firm, financial, real estate – doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, now is the time to develop one. Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Google offers this test to see if your firm complies and, if not, provides guidance on what action needs to be taken.

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