Strategic Media Campaign Positions Client as Expert on Trending Issues


California-based law firm


The firm wanted to capitalize on dozens of pending California legislation that would impact their clients.


Berbay didn’t want to waste the client’s time and resources drafting pitches for legislation that wouldn’t pass, but with so much of media strategy being dependent on timing and offering an angle that will pique journalists’ interest, we knew we couldn’t wait until each piece was signed or vetoed. Our team developed a strategy that would allow us to have information in place and be able to pitch as soon as the decisions were published without overly limiting our scope of work. We obtained information from the client in advance, prioritized each topic to winnow down the list to the 10 most important pieces of legislation, identified the spokespersons and compiled targeted media lists. Once we got notice of each legislation being signed into law, we quickly drafted and distributed tailored media pitches (upon client approval.


We obtained multiple interviews and article placements in national and California-based outlets, including Associated Press, Bloomberg Law, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Daily Journal, Western City Magazine, SF Weekly and more. The firm’s attorneys were positioned as experts at the forefront of issues addressed in the legislation, and as a result of having materials ready for distribution, were some of the first to be quoted in the media. They were also able to share their comments with clients via the firm’s e-newsletter, on their website and social media.

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