Podcast: Promoting Diversity and Opportunity in Law Firms

Kim Stuart

Episode 44

Kim Stuart, the Founder and President of Key Group, is a strategic advisor to professional service firms, non-profit organizations, and high-level business executives. With her team, Kim provides a creative vision and diligence to the strategy and execution of successful business development initiatives and critical marketing campaigns, several of which have garnered industry awards. Her business development programs have led to new and enhanced client relationships, revenue generation, brand awareness, and organizational integration.

Prior to starting Key Group, Kim was part of the senior business development team at Dentons, where she assisted lawyers and practice groups in developing and implementing effective client development plans, and was responsible for the successful creation and implementation of multiple firm-wide initiatives including iMAP (individual marketing action plans), 1×1 (cross-selling platform), WLGN (Women’s Leadership and Growth Network) and an alumni program.

Kim is also a Senior Advisor and Faculty Member for Ackert Inc., the company behind the award-winning business development training platforms for professional service firms. Since working with Ackert Inc, Kim has personally facilitated over 100 training sessions with lawyers at both the senior associate and partner level. She also led the development and implementation of the Managing Partner Institute and Women Leaders Forum (now Diversity in Leadership Forum), comprehensive professional development programs that provide the insights, management principles and framework essential for effective law firm leaders.

Kim has been a featured speaker at the Marketing Leader Roundtable and the First Chair Roundtable, peer forums for CMOs from law firms across the country. Currently, Kim serves on the Economic Development Committee for the Town of San Anselmo where she works with the town’s governing body, merchants and community members to develop action plans for programs to help invigorate economic well-being.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What leadership and career development challenges women in law face in, and the tools they can use to overcome and advance.
  • How Key Group works with law firms to develop, launch or implement a project or initiative.
  • Why the Women Leaders Forum became the Diversity in Leadership Forum (DLF).
  • How the Diversity in Leadership Forum trains diverse lawyers to lead more effectively.
  • How the #MeToo movement has given a voice to those who didn’t previously feel they had one.

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