How to Prioritize Marketing Goals

We all feel it: overwhelmed by the long to-do list.  Either your business is going so well you don’t have time to breathe or you’re in such a rut you don’t have the inspiration to market robustly. What you are clear on is marketing is a must. So here are three tips on prioritizing your marketing goals.

Have a clear picture of the end game

Have a clear picture of what a successful marketing program looks like. Perhaps there is someone who works in your space that is a great marketer. Do you aspire to market the way they do? Are your marketing goals driven by growing your business or sustaining your existing business? Answering those questions will help you get started and drive your focus.

Set aside time for your marketing goals

Prioritize marketing time the way you do exercising or responding to emails. You will likely never get to it unless you have designated time blocked off in your calendar. Make sure you allow yourself chunks of marketing time. It is also a good idea to get in the habit of writing down ideas when they come to you, so when you sit down you have a framework. During your designated marketing time, revisit your notes and figure out a way to take actionable steps that will get you to the end game. For novices we recommend two hours a week. You can do it all at once or break it down into 30-minute increments. The goal is to get it done!

Track results and ROI

Lastly, once you have made some strides, make sure you are tracking results. For instance, did a social media post turn into a lead, did that lead turn into a call, and did that call turn into a client? You must be strategic and track results, and there are several online tools to help you do so. Tracking results helps you craft messaging to target markets, and a solid understanding of return-on-investment (ROI) will motivate you to have the robust marketing plan you are dreaming of.

Having a clear picture of a winning marketing plan, setting aside time to market and then tracking progress will pay dividends in expanding or sustaining your business. Congrats—now get going!

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