General Counsel Confidential: Telling It Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

A panel of general counsel talking about their likes and dislikes is a big draw, but, if you’ve listened to several of them, you’ve probably found that one panel’s responses do not differ much from the others. However, because of its innovative format, the General Counsel session at the Legal Sales & Service Organization’s annual Raindance Conference in Chicago really stood out. John O. Cunningham, himself a former general counsel and now a communications consultant to law firms, moderated the panel titled “What the General Counsel Is Thinking: At Least 30 Things You Should Know.”

Read more to find out:

• What they want to see in your website bio.
• What really wowed them in sales and service.
• The “turnoffs” that have become urban legends among GCs.

Click here for Mr. Cunningham’s questions and the panelists’ responses. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

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