Corporate Counsel Shifts Focus to Value for 2013

According to a new survey created by BTI Consulting Group, 2013 has seen a new shift in corporate counsel’s priorities. For the first time in seven years, a majority of corporate counsel surveyed – 31.8 percent – now view delivering value, rather than cutting costs, as their number one goal.

What does this mean for corporate counsel, and indeed counsel of all types? That results based, high-quality legal guidance is more important to clients than saving a few bucks. In fact, savvy clients understand that streamlining and targeting their own workflow by utilizing the advice of counsel is a more effective way to cut costs in the long term than lower law firm rates.

The name of the game for corporate counsel is finding ways to enhance the overall value of the company. This includes finding speedier ways to obtain permits and approvals to implementing more strategic, goal-oriented planning to creating detailed risk assessments so that clients can make informed decisions both faster and more efficiently. After six years of conservative spending, the landscape is definitely changing. Shift your attention to providing value now in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep your clients satisfied.

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