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best-of-2014We are a marketing and public relations firm that develops and implements effective legal marketing and public relations programs for law firms, practice groups and individual attorneys. Since opening our doors in Los Angeles nearly two decades ago, our law firm marketing and public relations specialists have created programs for law firms of all sizes across a range of practice areas, for law firms throughout California and across the country.

As an attorney, you are an expert at advocating for your clients. In the same way, we are skillful champions for legal professionals. The array of marketing and PR services we provide to attorneys and their firms includes:

  • Public relations – We work to have your professionals quoted in the press as experts, identify newsworthy firm events and secure media coverage, and pursue opportunities for your attorneys to author articles in relevant publications. Harnessing the power of validation by an objective third party — like the media — our public relations programs increase your firm’s visibility and strengthen its credibility.
  • Speaking engagements – We obtain opportunities for you to demonstrate your expertise before audiences of prospective clients, such as trade, business and professional associations, and in-house at law firms and corporations.
  • Website development – We can update and expand your firm’s current website or build a new site. We regularly update your firm’s site with new content — blog posts, videos, podcasts — so that the site continues to showcase your expertise and experience.
  • Online marketing – We optimize online-marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, to increase the chances that your prospects will find you first.
  • Marketing materials – We develop striking and informative materials to serve as tangible reminders of your firm’s expertise.
  • Direct mail/email campaigns – We create direct mail/email campaigns to keep your firm consistently in front of your target markets — other lawyers, in-house counsel, professionals, businesspeople, and consumers.
  • Nominations and rankings – We pursue opportunities to get your attorneys ranked by drafting compelling nominations and advocate for your attorneys among decision-makers.
  • Social media/Blogs – We develop LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter profiles for your firm and use social media to expand your firm’s reach. We also launch blogs, then research and draft regular blog posts.
  • Marketing to LawyersIf you get business from other lawyers, we can make sure they know who you are and what you can do.

Contact us to see how our legal marketing and public relations programs can increase your visibility, reinforce your credibility and ultimately get you more business.

Hear what our clients have to sayHear what our law firm clients have to say

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Hear what our clients have to sayHear what our law firm clients have to say

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