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Your website is one of the most important components of your marketing arsenal. Because it’s the first place prospective clients will go to vet your qualifications, your website has to immediately demonstrate that they’ve come to the right place.

That’s what we do. Berbay works with professional services firms and business-to-business enterprises to revitalize existing websites or develop new ones to showcase their expertise and experience.

What Your Website Should Do For You

No matter what your area of professional expertise – law, finance, architecture, real estate, engineering or B2B, this is what your website should do for you:

  • Validate: Your website should immediately persuade your visitor that you are the right choice, by clearly showcasing your expertise.  Case studies, testimonials and brief write-ups of successes substantiate this.
  • Generate leads: Your website should generate qualified leads.  You do this through deep, relevant content and “fresh” content.
  • Demonstrate your leadership and energy: You do this by keeping your content up-to-date and featuring firm news, such as successes, speaking engagements and participation in and support of professional, civic and industry organizations. Contemporary content points to the fact that your accomplishments relate to today’s challenges.

Revitalizing vs. Redoing Your Website

At Berbay, we focus on the most effective marketing from both a time and cost standpoint.  Sometimes this means revitalizing a website; at other times it means a new website.

Revitalizing your website: If your firm’s website was built in a flexible program, enhancing your current site may be the fastest and most cost-effective way to contemporize your site.  We review your navigation, update the content and make sure you have a place to highlight your firm’s news and announcements.

Creating a new website: If your website has a dated look and was created in an outmoded or inflexible program, consider a redesign that represents your firm today.  This also gives you a foundation that will allow your site to evolve as your firm does.

The time may not be right for your firm to embark on a website redesign, which takes money, time and focus.  By making your current site the best it can be, you can maximize your firm’s presentation until the time is right for a redo.

We can help maximize your site’s power to generate leads by:

    • Determining the site’s look, navigation, content and tone to create a persuasive “quick read.”
    • Drafting compelling copy for new sites or additional copy to enhance existing sites.
    • Overseeing the development or redesign of the site for you, including coordinating the work of web designers and copywriters.
    • Keeping the site fresh by regularly adding material that reinforces your credibility, such as reprints of bylined, published articles, podcasts, announcements of speaking engagements, press releases, etc.
    • Creating related marketing programs to drive visitors to your site.

What a well-designed website can do for your firm:

    • Immediately make prospective clients who have come to your site feel that they have found the professionals they’re looking for.
    • Effectively display your expertise and accomplishments.
    • Clearly demonstrate your energy and leadership in your profession and industry.
    • Serve as the centerpiece of your online marketing and social media campaigns.

If you’d like a dynamic website that affirms that you’re at the top of your game, contact us today at 310/405-7345

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