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Creating Visibility and Credibility for Professional Services Firms and B2B Enterprises

We work with professional services and businesses marketing to other businesses to increase your visibility and reinforce your credibility – what we call VisiCredibility®. Our media and public relations programs harness the power of a third-party – the media – to validate your expertise.

Below, we’ve described what we do for professionals in law, accounting, financial services, real estate, architecture, engineering, as well as for B2B companies:

    • Making your news the news — We use press releases, media pitches and alerts, and other tools of the public relations trade to generate attention for newsworthy events, such as completed deals, verdicts and settlements, new products and services, and more.
    • Placing expert articles authored by you – You reinforce your professional authoritative positioning by publishing bylined articles – articles with your name as the author. After publication, we leverage the published material by posting it on your website and distributing via email and social media.
    • Positioning you as an expert spokesperson  – We increase your business or firm’s visibility by inserting you into the news stream as an expert spokesperson — a knowledgeable, media-ready resource for journalists seeking ideas and commentary on current news, trends, and more.
    • Generating podium placement – If you’re a professional or business person who relishes speaking opportunities, we can corral these chances for you.
    • Getting noticed on professional rankings – We identify awards and rankings in your area of expertise and develop compelling nominations for your inclusion.

We are your powerful public relations advocate

Ever wonder why some professionals are regularly quoted by the media, appear as “talking heads,” or author expert articles?  Most likely, they have an advocate like us: PR experts who know how to create the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth.

We know how to “package” you – your knowledge, training, accomplishments, and outlook – in a way that intrigues the media, program chairs, and other decision makers.  We advocate for you just as you do for your clients.

We are your marketing advocates as well.  When you are quoted, publish a bylined article, or are a speaker, we magnify its marketing potential by making sure your markets know about it as well via your website, e-newsletter, and social media.

This is what public relations can do for you:

    • You come to mind first – You increase your name recognition and boost top-of-mind awareness so that when there is a need for your service or product, you come to mind first.
    • You are the expert – You reinforce your firm’s or business’s credibility through media validation of you as the expert.
    • You generate powerful marketing materials – You grow your visibility and credibility beyond a publication’s or website’s readership by leveraging media results via other channels.

Your public relations engine powers the continuous marketing momentum that generates leads.

For more information about how Berbay can help your firm create the visibility and credibility which fuels revenue growth, please contact us at or 310-405-7345.

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