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Who We Are


Berbay Marketing & PR creates the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth. Since 1995, we have implemented marketing and public relations programs for professional services firms, including law, financial, real estate, architecture / engineering / construction and business-to-business enterprises.

  • The Account Team


    Sharon Berman




    Sharon Berman

    , Principal

    “As marketing professionals, we tend to hear things differently than our clients do. That’s a great advantage for them, because we approach every interaction from a strategic perspective, constantly thinking about how we can use the information we’re learning from the client to create something that will yield great visibility and other game-changing results for them.”

    Sharon contributes her more than 25 years of success in strategic marketing to help ensure a positive outcome for Berbay clients. As the nucleus of the Berbay team, she empowers her staff to share their expertise and experience in every project, multiplying the benefits each client receives from working with Berbay.

    “We think of ourselves as an elite strike force,” she says. “Our clients don’t get just one person; they get everyone’s thoughts, all of our various strengths, working together.”

    Sharon’s experience—and the tenacity and diligence of her team—also means that marketing plans for Berbay clients are implemented effectively and quickly. Thinking strategically is second nature for Sharon and her staff, so no time is lost in the planning and preparation phase of marketing.

    When other firms might declare victory with a project, Sharon says, Berbay continues to look for ways to further leverage the material they have produced. “We don’t just say, ‘Great, we got coverage on this story,’” she says. “We say, ‘Great, we’ve got this news release out. Now what else can we do with this information that will further increase our client’s exposure to prospects and opinion leaders?’”

    Ultimately for Sharon, it’s all about creating satisfied and successful clients. “I can’t imagine doing this job without caring about our clients’ success,” she says. “We get tremendous satisfaction from gaining visibility for our clients and watching their success grow as a result.”

    Prior to founding the firm, Sharon held marketing management positions at Toyota Motor Sales; Ogilvy & Mather Advertising; Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin; and Arthur Andersen. She received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her MBA from USC. Sharon has taught Marketing Plan Development at UCLA Extension. She is a past member of the editorial board of Marketing the Law Firm, as well as the California Society of CPAs State Marketing Committee. She writes and speaks extensively on marketing, and has presented marketing segments on nationally broadcasted programs. She has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

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  • The Account Team


    Megan Braverman

    Senior Account Manager



    Megan Braverman

    , Senior Account Manager

    “I am extremely tenacious; nothing slips through the cracks with me, no matter the size or scope of the project. Even when it looks like a project is finished, I always ask myself, “Is there anything more we can do with this material that will create further buzz for our client?”

    Megan Braverman excels at extracting the maximum benefit out of every opportunity. She brings a fresh eye and an educated, experienced viewpoint that provides clients with a new perspective on their strengths and their potential for reaching new prospects. Her goal with each client is to identify their business objectives and develop and execute a plan that exceeds those objectives.

    Combining left-brain and right-brain thinking, Megan possesses meticulous organization, planning skills and innovative creativity. This keeps projects on track and moving forward while producing attention-grabbing press releases, media pitches and other promotional materials that highlight her clients’ expertise and success.

    Among her other skills, Megan lists a keen knowledge of search engine optimization and an eye for design that puts a professional finish to the projects she produces for clients.

    “I love marketing and public relations,” Megan said, adding that her Midwestern roots are important to her, grounding her life and giving her a friendly approach that people appreciate. “I enjoy building long-term relationships with my clients. They trust me, and they come back to me whenever they have a need that I can help with. I really value those relationships.”

    Megan is a cabinet member of the Jewish Federation – Real Estate and Construction group, serves on the Executive Committee of the Jewish Federation – Young Adults of Los Angeles, and is Co-Chair of the Ben-Gurion Society.

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  • The Account Team


    Erica Hess

    Account Manager



    Erica Hess

    , Account Manager

    “I follow industry news online and in print so that I can keep the client apprised of what’s happening now—news, trends, conferences, etc.— in their industry overall and in their specific niche.”

    Erica views herself as an integral part of her clients’ marketing team. She works to anticipate their needs and to take advantage of every opportunity to get their message out to the media and key opinion leaders. Business professionals are busy people, so Erica Hess focuses on finding and using information that can help her clients gain a competitive edge—information they simply may not have time to gather on their own.

    “Our clients are truly experts in their fields, and it’s exciting to find our client’s opportunities for them to showcase their expertise through the media, by speaking at conferences or in other ways,” Erica says. “It is rewarding to help them achieve visibility and recognition for their ideas and innovation within their industry.”

    Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Erica received her undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Erica adds value to the work she produces by considering how it will impact her clients’ key audiences.“I put myself in the shoes of the clients that my clients serve and create material that will be relevant and attractive to them,” she says.

    Erica is a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and serves on the programming committee. She is also a member of the Southern California Development Forum (SCDF) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).

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  • The Account Team


    Michelle Villamor

    Assistant Account Manager



    Michelle Villamor

    , Assistant Account Manager

    “I have a strong background in sales and customer service, so I’m able to quickly find common ground with clients as we collaborate to create a strategy that works for them.”

    Every workday is a stimulating mix of interesting challenges for Michelle Villamor as she assists Berbay’s account managers. Over the course of any given day, she may create media lists, draft press releases, follow up with media pitches, draft website materials, update clients’ social media profiles or take on many other assignments.

    Born and raised in the Long Beach area—where she still makes her home—Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing at San Diego State University. She also earned an e-marketing associate certification.

    The Berbay team and the clients they serve benefit from Michelle’s meticulous attention to detail and high standards for the materials she produces.

    “I triple check everything I do to make sure it is accurate and up to par with the quality of work our clients expect and deserve,” she says. “At the same time, I focus on working efficiently and quickly to make sure that all of my work is produced in a timely manner.”

    Michelle says that her work ethic reflects the respect she has for Berbay’s clients.

    “They work day in and day out providing service to their own clients,” she says. “I believe they deserve to be recognized for their work, and have the chance to show their peers and potential clients what they can do.”

    Michelle Discusses…

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  • The Account Team


    Tiffany Garcia

    Assistant Account Manager



    Tiffany Garcia

    , Assistant Account Manager

    “I truly enjoy working in the public relations and marketing industry. I am constantly learning the different dynamics of the law through our clients.”
    With a background in social media marketing, customer service and sales, Tiffany Garcia welcomes the broad aspects of being an Assistant Account Manager with a smile.

    She is a tremendous asset to account managers and plays a vital role ensuring the completion and timeliness of developing media lists, drafting press releases, laying out newsletters, implementing creative marketing strategies and more. Tiffany sets a high standard for all of the materials she produces and has a keen eye for marketing trends.

    Raised in the Bay Area, Tiffany obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations at California State University, Sacramento.

  • The Account Team


    Catherine Dreiling

    Assistant Account Manager


    (310) 405-7281

    Catherine Dreiling

    , Assistant Account Manager

    My background in psychology helps me relate to people and communicate effectively. My experience in the service industry allows me to better serve our clients and anticipate the needs of those around me.

    Aware that each client is an expert in his or her field of specialization, Cat helps Berbay’s Account Managers put into action robust marketing and public relations initiatives for their clients.

    “At Berbay, we focus on what differentiates our clients and leverage that in every way possible,” she says. “They each have a distinct role in the industry, so I help our account managers capitalize on these distinctions.”

    In addition to her education and work experience, Cat has honed her skills through her philanthropic efforts with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital in Santa Barbara, where she worked with stroke patients; and Olive Crest, where she helped to raise funds for abused, neglected and at-risk children.

    Cat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She loves the challenge that each day with the Berbay team brings.

    “I never know what to expect, and that excites me,” she says.

    Her focus is to help create material to position Berbay’s clients in a way that attracts attention and—most importantly—new business.

    “I want to see our clients succeed because they have trusted us to deliver and we expect them to see results,” she says. “Our clients spend years cultivating a body of work, and I want to help ensure that their efforts are noticed and rewarded.”

  • The Account Team


    Cindi Goldstein

    Office Manager



    Cindi Goldstein

    , Office Manager

    “I’ve been here at Berbay for quite a while, and I use that ‘institutional memory’ to make sure that our account managers and other staff have the data and information they need to provide the best possible service to our clients.”

    Give Cindi Goldstein the name of a professional firm in Los Angeles, and she’s likely to know off the top of her head whether or not the firm is in Berbay’s extensive database. That knowledge comes from her ongoing commitment to keep Berbay’s data fresh and up to date. Cindi’s steady hand on the myriad details and mountains of data that make up Berbay’s day-to-day operation enables the rest of the staff to focus exclusively on their clients.

    Speaking of which, Berbay’s clients appreciate the fact that Cindi is diligent and meticulous with the billing process, ensuring that they are billed fairly and in a timely manner. When necessary, she takes the time to speak with account managers about specific activities on the billing statement to ensure that they are reflected accurately.

    “I see how much everybody here cares about the work they’re doing on behalf of our clients,” Cindi says, “and that motivates me to go all out to support them in their work. We really are one big team working for our clients’ success, and that includes what I do behind the scenes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.”

    Cindi Discusses…

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