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Audit of Law Firm’s Organizational Sponsorships Identifies New Opportunities

Client: California Labor & Employment Law Firm

Challenge: Our client had long participated in and sponsored numerous organizations and conferences. Much of the benefit the firm received from their partnerships with organizations was due to their physical presence, but when the pandemic hit, events were either stalled or moved to a virtual format. Recognizing they needed to change their partnership approach in this new environment, the firm turned to Berbay for strategic guidance.

Work: Berbay conducted a comprehensive audit of more than a dozen organizations to identify the highest-value partnerships and ways to enhance relationships while maintaining a similar presence the firm was used to pre-pandemic. Our team also identified missed opportunities, such as getting more involved in written communications to the organization’s membership.

Result: In the face of uncertainty, we reinvigorated their commitment to organizations by securing new opportunities, vetting options, and making recommendations for what would be most valuable to the firm while ensuring they got mileage out of what they were already doing.

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