What are the PR strategies for obtaining local and national media coverage?.


Local and national public relations campaigns often have similar strategies and tactics. So what’s the difference? The story. In order to generate interest in a local or regional area, the story needs to directly pertain to the people or to the community of that area. Sometimes it can span several communities, which can give the story a more national appeal.

When you’re a reporter with the Los Angeles or New York Times, having a local angle is a very important piece. While these publications write stories on national news all the time, one of their goals is to explain how it affects the Los Angeles or New York communities specifically. Whenever you embark on a local or national PR campaign, the biggest question is why should people care about this?

Not every story is interesting and some are evergreen so perhaps tweak the question to why should people care about this story now? It comes down to packaging your local or national story in a way to show why they should. Once the story is crafted, it is essential to get it to the right reporters and journalists. Each one is assigned to a different beat. So it’s essential to get it to the right person who covers that type of news.

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