Are You Willing to “Flex” Your Marketing?

To be an effective marketer in the 21st Century, you need to be flexible. Social media, blog sites and the 24-hour news cycle have created an “always on” environment that marketers must keep up with or risk diminishing their brand’s presence. While in the past it was common to invest a great deal of time and energy into an annual marketing plan outlining the year’s marketing initiatives, today companies may be better served by allowing more flexibility in their marketing campaigns.

Social media has encouraged companies to move away from large-scale campaigns and transition into an “always-on” model, one that produces content on a continual basis and stays relevant to what is happening in the news cycle. Furthermore, video marketing sensations, such as a popular YouTube video gone viral, offer unexpected opportunities to position your brand in an online trend that is sure to get others talking and sharing.

Marketing professional services is no exception. Twitter, Google+ communities and blogging platforms all house valuable information that can be useful in determining what your competitors are doing, how a particular event or announcement might be perceived by the public, and what breaking news is important to you or your customers. These variables are likely to change throughout the year, making it nearly impossible to predict. The bottom line: these technologies allow you to gather important information quickly, and to react through content with relative immediacy.

As 2014 approaches, consider how you might be able to “flex” your marketing in the New Year.

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