Spotlight on LA’s Small Businesses with Shoutout LA: Featuring Principal Megan Braverman

Principal Megan Braverman was featured on Shoutout LA, sharing her thoughts on how she defines success: adding up the little successes, persevering through failures and always doing your best. “I think people rarely feel that magic moment of ‘I made it.’ You may have an idea of success, but because the road there takes so many twists and turns, you get there and don’t recognize it, or realize that wasn’t your dream of success after all.”

Braverman, who has headed Berbay for more than six years, talks about her experience as Principal. “Every day, I have the ability to be creative and strategic – to me, the best of both worlds,” she comments. She also is proud of her lean, but incredible staff of women. Braverman explains the importance of always doing your best. “This isn’t about perfection, but applying yourself 100% – 100% of the time,” she says.

Read the full interview.

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