Transforming the User Experience at Airports

While we typically don’t think of traveling through an airport as a glamorous experience, that will soon change!  At the “Airports and Transportation” program, presented by the Southern California Development Forum, Roger Johnson, Deputy Executive Director for Airport Development, discussed several exciting improvements to be made at LAX that will transform the user experience and make LAX a place where people want to spend time. LAX is developing a mobile application that will show you where the nearby restaurants, bars, restrooms, etc., are located so you no longer have to roam aimlessly around the airport looking for what you want!  In addition to the enhanced technology, there will be computer lounges, game areas for children and many more improvements that will make LAX its own destination, especially for international travelers who spend a significant amount of time in the terminals.

The full-fledged renovations are still a ways out, but it will be interesting to see the new and improved LAX.

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