Three Reasons to Keep Marketing Even When You’re Busy

Do you have so much business that you don’t think you need to promote your services? That’s great, but there are three vital reasons why you should market anyway. Consider the following factors:

1. Is the bulk of your current business the kind of business you really want? Is it profitable? Does it satisfy you professionally? Or, would you prefer a different type of business – more interesting, more lucrative, more rewarding? Would you like to change the mix of your business? Do you wish you had more clients from a specific industry? If you’re currently marketing, are your initiatives aimed at developing more of your preferred work?

2. Marketing is a numbers game. The more you market, the more leads you generate. Having more leads, in turn, increases the potential for more of the type of work you really want. That means you can be more choosy and demand higher professional fees. As your rates go up, some of your leads will of course go elsewhere to “get it cheaper,” but that can be a good thing because it’s going to leave you with a more manageable level of work at a higher hourly rate.

3. If you don’t market, it leaves you vulnerable should business decline, and the last thing you want to be forced to do is to start marketing in a panic mode. To be effective, your marketing has to be consistent at all times – even when you’re busy – to ensure a smooth and full pipeline.

Clearly, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with so much work that you can’t adequately serve your clients. But don’t let busyness be an escape from taking a hard look at the profitability and potential of the work you’re doing. As long as you have your nose to the grindstone, why not maximize the satisfaction and remuneration you receive in return? Marketing can open up your options.

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