The Icing on the Cake: The Power of Using Freebies to Secure Your Next Client

With hundreds of wedding venues, vendors and coordinators in the industry, choosing the right one can be very overwhelming for a bride. When selecting the all-important venue for my big day, I ultimately chose the one that gave me the most perks. I went about my decision the same way I thought our prospective clients would when choosing the right marketing or PR firm. I weighed the pros and cons and, most importantly, compared the cost.

But what’s a bride to do when she has two top contenders and both are very similar in terms of the pros and the price? Well, I went with the one that offered me the best perks. The wedding venue I ultimately chose provided me additional complimentary nights at the hotel, a more flexible menu, and a free wedding cake. Offering “freebies” such as these to potential clients can make or break a deal, and having a little icing in your pocket to tip the scales in your favor could land you some big business.

Every dollar counts when planning a wedding and the same goes for choosing the right marketing and PR firm to represent your business. Offering little trinkets such as a free toolkit, a post-it book or even a dazzle stick just may be the deciding factor in securing your next client.

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