The Balance Between Time and Money

A professional services firm we work with expressed an interest in doing a project they’d been thinking about for several years, after having seen another professional, one they considered a good marketer, implement something similar with very good results. Although this firm had often turned to Berbay for marketing expertise, they thought that this particular project could be done at little cost, telling us that they would just “go on craigslist and get someone for $12.50 an hour to do it,” rather than pay our professional fees.

I found this concept interesting. It reminded me of something an experienced consultant told me in the early years of my business—that a large part of what was considered “consulting” was getting paid to do something a client just didn’t have time to do. To a certain extent, I agree. One reason clients engage our services is to implement their marketing and public relations programs because they don’t have time. But another important reason clients contact us is because they know we do this work every day. So, we can do it more efficiently and get better results, and their time can be better spent utilizing their core competencies. Our clients are also confident that we put our time and their money to the highest and best use.

While the tension and balance between time and money always exist, the dynamics of these can change depending on how much or how little time and money is available. I’d be happy to see this client’s project completed no matter who does it—the important thing is to get it done.

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