Tell Stories to Market Your Legal Services – Here’s How

Many marketing experts believe that storytelling is the foundation of a strong marketing strategy, and for good reason. As anyone who has read a book, watched a movie or otherwise experienced a story knows, stories evoke emotions and help people understand each other. They remind us that we are all part of the human experience together. From a marketing standpoint, storytelling is a tool that can be used to “humanize” a product or service by showing how other people have benefited from the product or service, thus encouraging consumers to buy.

It isn’t just business marketers who understand the power of storytelling. Good trial lawyers regularly weave compelling story narratives into their arguments, seeking to win or resolve cases by inspiring juries to understand and emotionally identify with their clients.

Attorneys and law firms can obtain results by using storytelling as part of their strategy to market their practices and sway potential clients in their direction. It is a powerful tool firms can employ to complement overall content marketing plans and allow potential clients to feel comfortable with your representation right from the start.

Research Your Audience

When people are looking for an attorney, it’s usually because they have some kind of problem they need resolved. Having a clear idea of your prospective clients’ problems and pain points will help you show them through storytelling why you are the best attorney for their issue. It’s important to do some homework using the research methods available to you, such as internet searches and data, along with client feedback, local and national news, and industry-related news and information, to truly get to know the needs of your audience needs and how your legal services can help resolve their issues. Once you know your audience well, stories that will speak to them can be developed.

Create People Stories

In many law firms, thought leaders focus on the law and its complexities in their writings, instead of the people the laws impact. Instead, focus on people, the legal problems they experienced, and how those problems were resolved by you or someone else in your firm.

Add a brief call-to-action in your story to inform potential clients about the next steps that can be taken to address a problem such as theirs, and that you can help them. Headlines should address clearly and compellingly what the story is about. Again, think people first.

Story Placement

What platforms should your firm use? It depends upon what your firm currently uses or wants to use in the future for marketing purposes. Stories can be included or incorporated as content on your website, within blog posts, in case studies, in videos, in social media and in other marketing materials. Don’t forget to also use storytelling at networking events, in presentations and other in-person opportunities to sell your legal services.

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