Stage Presence

While growing up, how many times did our mothers tell us to “Sit up straight” or “Don’t slouch”? Probably hundreds! And while it undoubtedly annoyed us at the time, it’s actually great business advice…especially when participating on a conference panel or making a speech or presenting your firm’s abilities to prospective new clients.

You’ve probably heard the axiom “act as if.” It’s equally important to “look as if.” Your posture, your mannerisms, the neatness of your attire, and the interest you show in what you’re talking about all play a major role in establishing your credibility in front of your audience.

Many people don’t like public speaking, but for service professionals it’s an important part of your business development activities. So the next time you’re asked to speak publicly, don’t shy away; just remember all the good advice your mother gave you and you’ll do a great job!


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