Five Essential Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Profiles

If you’ve ever Googled your firm, you’ve probably seen it listed on a number of directories and review websites like Yelp, Super Lawyers, AVVO and others. Perhaps some of your information is incomplete or incorrect. Or, maybe you expected to see your name, only to discover that your firm wasn’t listed at all. These issues aren’t something to be ignored; online profiles on directory websites make up a huge part of your web presence. Most of all, they can be the first introduction to your firm for many potential clients.

According to Above the Law, you would never hand out a card that didn’t include your email address or phone number, so why would you allow potential clients to view online profiles that include inaccurate or missing information? It’s critical that you control those profiles and use them as a tool to share the information that you choose. Your firm is going to show up online no matter what, so make sure that you claim your online profiles and get the most out of them with these five tips.

1. Check results on different search engines

Online profiles make it easier to be found, but not every client will use the same keywords or search engine. Check where your profiles rank on the results page of every search engine, and play around with keywords to see which profiles pop up for different search terms.

2. Use consistent language and photos

Don’t pass up the opportunity to brand your firm. Include your tagline or the “about us” language that your firm typically uses, and, if you have the option, edit your profile to include design elements and photos that represent your firm (not just the stock photos provided!).

3. Check that all information is up to date

After going through the trouble of claiming your online profiles, it would be a shame to go back to square one by letting them go out of date. Check your profiles periodically to make sure that contact information and URLs are correct and to refresh any language or photos if needed. This could be a quarterly reminder, or every six months.

4. Take advantage of space for a description

Sure, you can just update your contact information on every profile and call it a day. But if the space is available to you, why not expand more on your firm? It could be the very first impression of you that some clients get, so make it count.

5. Ask clients to complete reviews

Once you have all of your online profiles set up, reviews from satisfied clients are the icing on the cake. Positive reviews boost your credibility and make your profiles look more complete, and, most importantly, they can be the deciding factor when new clients are determining which law firm to call.

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