LinkedIn, the New Amazon?

LinkedIn has ebbed and flowed in terms of utility throughout the year. Looking forward to 2015, we believe its value is here to stay. According to a survey of General Counsel, 97 percent said they’ve used social media to vet outside counsel and 25 percent said they’ve gained a negative outlook on an attorney when they weren’t able to find them on LinkedIn.

It’s time to start thinking of your LinkedIn profile as a featured product page on Amazon — see the example here of the Fire HD Tablet. This product page is attractive and educational, successfully drawing the viewer in, which is typically Amazon’s goal so that the consumer will make a purchase.

While attending the annual Legal Marketing Association’s Technology Conference, Adam Stock, Chief Marketing and Client Services Officer at Allen Matkins, presented the idea of LinkedIn being the future “online store” for attorneys.

How does your profile stack up to one of the attention-getting pages on Amazon? To find out, go to and look up a favorite product of yours and, within the same window, pull up your LinkedIn profile. Look at the photos, headline and Amazon summary to see how it compares with your profile — then modify your LinkedIn profile accordingly.

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