Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Getting the Most Out of a Topic

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You are great at pushing out content. You have a regular flow of topics, you have time to plan and think creatively, and you are never left scrambling. What’s missing? One common mistake with great content producers is not leveraging a topic to its full potential; therefore, missing out on multiple opportunities that can be used for weeks of content.

A simple approach to getting the most out of your topic is turning your idea into a series and building anticipation for your next installment. If you can think of multiple questions that you anticipate will be asked, then your topic can lend itself as a series and these questions can serve as separate installments. Not sure how to do this or where to begin?

  • The first installment of your series should establish your authority on the subject by introducing the topic and explaining why it’s of interest. How does it affect your audience? Why are you qualified to discuss it? What will people learn? Giving a preview into these questions then gives you the opportunity to set up when people can read more.
  • The second installment should provide an overlay of frequently asked questions and practical advice to educate readers. This installment can focus on addressing one or multiple questions – it depends on how lengthy the response will be. Cite examples and relevant resources and provide a preview of what’s coming next.
  • Installment three, and so on, will cover the other frequently asked questions or can serve as a recap of installment one and two. Another idea is to consider adding a Q&A with a subject matter expert who can provide another perspective that you might not have the authority to speak on.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, consider revisiting a previous topic you pushed out a while back and developing a part two. Is there something current happening in the world that you can connect back to the topic? Do you have a recent story you can share that relates back to the topic? You might be surprised how much more you can squeeze out of a topic.

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