Giving Google What They Want

Trying to grasp the meaning of title tags, outbound links, algorithms, keywords and the countless factors that Google incorporates into its organic rankings can be a difficult and time consuming for non-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts. Breaking down the concept behind all of these factors could take months to understand, but there are ways that you can give Google what they are looking for without consulting an expert.

Sharing Is Caring. Google strives to create a communal web place where everyone can collaborate, discuss and share their content. Setting up credible outbound links on your website and having others share your links on their website is a ranking factor that Google takes into high consideration. However, linking to an unnaturally large number of websites or blogs and having a number of bad links show signs of webspam and will bring rankings down.

Social Signals. Sharing through outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can greatly increase your rankings with Google. Start posting your company announcements, blog updates and current news to get more users to repost and share within their network. Google+ Business is an upcoming social network set up by Google itself, and by familiarizing yourself with the +1’s, social reports and influencer features, you can increase rankings.

SEO is not all about codes, tags, keyword density and domains, as there are other ways that a company can increase its rankings on Google without dealing with the backend details. Ultimately, Google wants everyone fairly, appropriately and collectively sharing their information so all credible content can go full circle within the web space. As the saying goes – “Let’s scratch their back so they scratch ours.”

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