Five Ways to Use Your Marketing & PR Campaign to Boost Recruiting Efforts

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Many firms have felt the lasting effects of the Great Resignation, but if so many people left their jobs for brighter pastures, why are businesses having such a hard time finding talent? While we don’t have the answers as to why the talent pool has seemingly shrunk, we do believe it’s time to reassess your recruiting strategies, including how you can use your marketing and public relations campaign to propel recruitment.   

The connection between marketing and recruiting might not be obvious at first, but there are many opportunities for the two to work in harmony. The goal of any successful marketing and PR campaign is to raise awareness and visibility to drive people to your business. Why not channel that power into attracting candidates while you’re at it? Below are five ways. 

Sell Your Firm via Your Social Media

Your social media channels are there for you to broadcast all kinds of information about the firm. Use this to your advantage by showing off why your firm is a great place to work.  

  • Does your firm host cultural camaraderie events like bowling night, educational workshops, or team lunches? 
  • Is philanthropy a core aspect of your firm, and do your team members volunteer or donate to the community? 
  • Do you provide staff members noteworthy support or opportunities to advance their careers or refine their professional abilities? 

Highlighting these opportunities and experiences on your social media will deliver a one-two punch of good publicity to attract both potential clients and potential candidates. 

Improve Your Website’s Career Page (Yes, it needs improvement.) 

One of the most underutilized and glossed over pages on websites tends to be the career page. Gone are the days of having a basic job description or that you have an open position. Why should people come work for you? Be sure to address all the reasons to consider your firm.  

  • Does your firm provide mentorship programs to work with and learn from senior staff members? 
  • How does your firm support candidates’ personal interests or long-term career goals? 
  • What are the monetary benefits of working at your firm? If you are a firm that cannot compete on salary, showcase the professional development opportunities you offer instead. For example, law firms that offer courtroom and trial experience to junior attorneys, or a financial firm that offers tax certification programs. 
  • What is your firm’s pro bono or community commitment?
  • What is your recruitment process?
  • What other benefits do you offer? For example, wellness initiatives, parental leave, retirement planning, etc.

Show Your True Colors 

Don’t lead candidates down a primrose path that you can’t live up to. For example, if you’re a tax firm that works 80-hour weeks during tax season, it won’t play out well to advertise your company as a breezy, mellow workplace. Instead, be upfront and demonstrate what you do to accommodate and make the best of these situations: 

  • Show that you provide breakfast, lunch and/or dinner during busy seasons, and include pictures of your team enjoying a laugh over pizza together in the conference room on a late night in the office.
  • Highlight perks that your company provides during busy seasons, like childcare, dry cleaning, or even a manicurist. 

There are plenty of opportunities to show off the good with the possibly less desirable. You’ll attract tenacious candidates who will fit right in with your company culture. These stories can serve as good fodder to the media as well. 

Highlight Your Uniqueness via Your Public Relations Efforts  

When you or your PR agency are developing story ideas to pitch to the media, be creative on how you can weave in interesting facts about your firm. Consider underscoring the firm’s strength in elevating staff members if you are sending out a press release about a new hire or partner promotion. Another example is showcasing your diversity efforts or benefits program as ways your firm is bucking the trend.

Get Involved with Alumni 

Alumni networks are your gateway to a whole system of potential exposure to the right talent.  

  • Contact alumni magazines of the alma maters of your partners or other staff members. Earning a placement there will bring your firm visibility with a host of potential candidates. 
  • Encourage your team to get involved in their alumni networks. Your employees are a valuable resource in spreading the word about how great it is to work at your firm. 
  • Internships, scholarships and other mutually beneficial relationships with schools can boost the awareness of your firm with soon-to-be-graduates and do good at the same time.  

Partner with a Trusted Los Angeles Marketing and PR Firm

Berbay Marketing & Public Relations has nearly three decades of experience providing law, real estate and financial firms with marketing and public relations services that propel your business forward. Berbay’s team has demonstrated success securing media placements, achieving nominations and rankings, revitalizing websites and social media, obtaining speaking engagements and more.  

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